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Measures Related to Surgery

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Below is a summary of measures from the various reports we have available to us that are related to Surgery.

Quality Report Legend:   Excellent   Above Average   Average   Needs Improvement  Unavailable

Surgery Report


Hip Replacement Surgery Mortality Rates (AHCA)

As Expected

Post Operative Sepsis (AHCA)

Higher than Expected

Antibiotic to Prevent Infection Given Within 1 Hour Before Surgical Incision (CMS)


Correct Antibiotic to Prevent Infection Given (CMS)


Antibiotic to Prevent Infection stopped Within 24 Hrs. After Surgery (CMS)


Percent of Patients Who Were Given Treatment to Prevent Blood Clots Within 24 Hrs. Before to 24 Hrs. After Certain Types of Surgery (CMS)


Percent of Surgery Patients Whose Physician Ordered Treatments to Prevent Blood Clots (Venous Thromboembolism) for Certain Types of Surgeries (CMS)